Life is a search for truth and tranquility. Understanding nature is the best way to understand this values. Nothing in this creation is same as other; such is the diverse nature of creation. As nature creates different things at same places but still be harmonious in its creation into one landscape. Life Inside reflects & respects the work of nature by combining various aspects like cultural, vernacular, geographical, climatic & environmental to give a fourth dimension to its design.

Our design reflects the importance of Five Elements which are considered to be the guiding force for Life – Light, Air, Earth, Ether and Fire (Heat), Life inside works its design to inherit these natural forces in a way which is most suitable for Life.

While designing any project, Life Inside carries the past traditions to present modernism and works towards building a pleasant future.

By designing projects of the utmost quality, contextual sensitivity, flexibility and performance, we produce work that not only succeeds in the near term but also builds value over time. Our designs are functional and aesthetically impactful and inspirational.

Our principle is that the built form should enhance the Experience of Living in harmony and peace as it is the original nature of the soul with in….

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Unquestionably the advent of globalization is forcing a dynamic change on the culture, lifestyle and on the art and architecture of the world by large due to unprecedented economic change and globalization. The architecture of a region is developing faster than observers are able to evaluate it. Therefore Life inside represents a new approach to architecture by integrating diverse construction element and techniques, local culture & vernacular traditions to produce something entirely harmonious which would combine local architecture with modern simplicity. Life inside is self-aware and is engaged in preservation of local identity along with exchange of new ideas and possibilities which would result in a style that could only be called global yet meaningfully regional.