nursing school, Kanakapura

Project Background : This unique site is situated on the sloping hillocks ok Kanakapura, surrounded by various hillocks. This narrow 10 Acres site slopes from road to top by 15m with east west axis perpendicular to the road.

Architecture & Planning : The proposed campus houses a Nursing college, staff quatress, Hostel blocks, Cafeteria, Administrative blocks. Buildings are arranged parallel to the NE axis and a central courtyard is created .courtyards runs at various levels which would enable one to get a good glimpse of sunrise and sunset and gets quality light and ventilation into the building. Hostel blocks are kept at the top end of the site. Administrative blocks and college takes the central larger area of the site. The staff quatress are placed on the right hand side of the entry, which also has an entry and exit independent of the college. Ample parking space is created at the entry and service roads are created to connect to the kitchen and cafeteria.

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