Project Background : The house is located in Mysore spreads on a land area of 1.2 Acres with a builtup area of about 11500 sft. The clients wanted a spacious house that would be as open as possible but without compromising security and privacy at the same time.so a fully fenced & compounded 2 storey home was designed with a swimming pool and garden which follows the contours. Many existing trees were retained.

Architecture & Planning : The constructed area seamlessly blends with the projects natural areas. The house is divided into 2 wings by a long 8’0″ wide walkway which provides glimpse and reflections of the outside at every opportunity. Stone cladded entrance porch leads to double height entry, to the right of which bedroom and en-suite bath room with office and to theleft of which living and day room space with bar are composed. Water bodies lies beneath either side of the central internal stairs. The rear comprises kitchen, pool facing formal and informal dining spaces with a master bedroom. A pool with wooden deck run along the walkway, placed centrally between living and dining spaces acts as a focal center and also as a central evaporative cooling surface. 3 bedrooms with private terraces and balconies and a large family area occupies first floor. The internal planning successfully integrates connecting spaces and living areas with comfortable fluidity. The volume sequence with double height cut outs, low walls, large glass walls and doors promotes internal and external sightlines. The planning makes full use of the surrounding landscape to create the good living environment. The sense of openness pushes the interior into the realm of the lush foliage of the exterior. The effect is contemplative and peaceful

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