sindhi school and College

Project Background : Sindhi School and college Trust wanted a new campus @ Hebbbal. They identified 4 Acres of land. The main objective was to bring back ancient GuruKul system of education and they wanted it to be reflected in the built form.

Architecture & Planning : The entrance court is circular in form, the centre of it has a water body along with a marble idol of Guru. People have to move through this entrance court to reach the school or college block. Both school and college blocks are flanked by a Gopura type structure built in concrete and glass, which is a prototype of gopura of a 7th Century B.C Durga temple. Both school and college blocks also have a central activity courtyard with a space frame. An open air theatre separates both school and college blocks. In the rear there is a huge playground, the building rear acts as a platform for stage performances.

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